Tips for Painting Bedroom Walls

Tips for painting bedroom walls 

Tips for Painting Bedroom Walls

The bedroom is a place of intimacy, renew your energies there every night and clearly it becomes a shelter space worth keeping in order, it’s always good to renew decoration, colors and styles. Today, for example, you talk about some Tips for Painting Bedroom Walls that can help to shape that idea of change you’re thinking while.

1. Clean the walls before painting

To start a job at home and paint try to ideally remove dust, dirt or those mold stains on the walls first before they ruin the look of the bedroom. You can clean the walls with a little detergent and a soft sponge. Be sure to clean well in the remaining areas with soap residue before the first coat of paint.


2. Painting walls … without the mess

This recommendation is vital to avoid headaches. It covers what is necessary and appropriate space. The upholstery, windows and door frames should not paint stain, cover with newspaper and tape enough. You can spend all the objects to the center and cover with care, or remove all items in the bedroom leaving empty space and more comfortable. No tip to paint left over, right?


3. Prepare the wall

Preparing the wall is very necessary when it comes to painting the bedroom. It’s not just enough cleaning specialized in some places you can get products before painting applied deliver better brightness and durability to the paint. Even, you can brush the areas where the roller will not pass easily. Also, be sure to select either the color of the wall, must be in harmony with your personality, your bedroom finally. Do not forget to plug the holes in the walls, as it is one of the most common mistakes when painting.


4. Use the best technique for painting walls

The best technique for painting walls, according to experts, is the W. You have to start at one corner of the wall and with a rolling three by three to the shape of the W without lifting it from the surface. Then you need to follow and continue filling the sections until finished. This prevents lumps and imperfections.


5. Retouching and details

When the walls are completely dry, so regardless of the applied layers, ideally put tape coating or borders if necessary. You can also touch up the paint if it was any irregularity, it can do with a small soft brush. Regarding the door moldings, simply a put a bit of painting to have good appearance with the new color on the wall.

We hope these Tips for Painting Bedroom Walls have been of great help to realize your decorating ideas in the bedroom. If you want other options, be sure to look at these techniques to decorate walls. Good luck with your project!


Tips for Painting Bedroom Walls updated: February 24, 2016 by author: Joann Reyes
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