Tips for Furnishing The Kitchen

Tips for Furnishing the Kitchen


The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most used spaces. And not just because we go through there, but for the many activities we do in it. But the truth is that nowadays are becoming smaller and furnish it is more difficult. But this time we give you good tips to do and win in style, safety and comfort.

Food preparation area:

It should be placed between the sink and the kitchen, about 60 or 90 cm. away, to avoid unnecessary movements. Not to mention drive around with things that can leak and mess. It also places the refrigerator and pantry near the site of preparing meals for the same reason.

It is not advisable to put the fire in a corner or at the end of a row of cabinets, or under a window. Accidents happen and the wind through the window can be moved to areas flammable fire. If the burners are near furniture can burn easily.


Storage area:


The objects and products you use in the kitchen should be at hand, at least the most used. This is simple, it is not about aesthetics. The closer they are less you have to move other things and lower the disorder. The standard height of the counter, the plane on which you will work, is usually 90 cm. If height is less you will hurt your back having to stoop and if higher is very uncomfortable to work. The furniture with doors or drawers and appliances attached to the wall or in a corner should be spaced about 10 cm. respect to the adjacent wall or furniture. When you put a rack on the counter trying to leave a gap of 70 cm (recommended maximum height is 1 m, and at least 45 cm).

Spaces of motion:


Note that a person crouching in front of a closet occupies a meter, and with an open drawer 1.25 m: remember when faced cabinets locate because otherwise it will be really uncomfortable for everyone having to ask permission to every minute.



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