Tips For Decorating Country Style

Tips For Decorating Country Style

Tips For Decorating Country Style
Those looking for a rustic interior design are increasingly inclined to country style. Not only for garden decoration, but also wanted to decorate apartments in major cities. So today we will see some tips for decorating country style .

Decoration country

As oriental Tips For Decorating Country Style, and the style of decoration Hindu , the country style is becoming one of the most beloved and sought to when decorating, because when looking at the same time feel the warmth and natural This style home decor is a great choice.


The colors we use to decorate will be muted light colors are the most suitable if you want a rustic country style , but if we want a more modern style can use different bright colors, including red .

We can put wooden figures carved in places like the living and dining rooms. Inside the country style room we can put an old lamp, a trunk, and landscape paintings. In the kitchen some pewter and ceramic pots hanging on the wall as well as food baskets.

The curtains will use preferably have to be light-colored fabrics, muted, or floral prints , stripes, and pictures. It is preferable that the curtains blend with the color used to paint the walls, or wallpaper if any.

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Rustic furniture for interiors

When choosing the furniture, we can adapt our own old furniture this kind of decoration, it is only necessary restore them if they are badly damaged or give the most suitable, maybe applying a stencil technique of furniture .

If you do not have to redecorate furniture, can be found in a bazaar, or in a furniture store. Personally, I recommend the bazaar because there you will find more things you can use to make the country style decor , as boxes, trunks, lamps and other accessories, but it is in the furniture store where you will find a variety of country style furniture , or modern rustic furniture at great prices.


I hope you are served these tips to decorate country style . Remember that decorating the house is something nice and fun, so do not worry when you are redecorating your home, and indulge yourself in your imagination. Also do not forget that you can combine country living with other styles such as English decorating style or rustic style . Good luck in your decor!


Tips For Decorating Country Style is a wide-ranging style that depends on geographical location but is generally exemplified by primitive furniture, muted colors, milk-paint finishes and vintage fabrics. Here’s how the style breaks down:

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Soft, muted colors showing the wear of time are indicative of a rustic country style. A more contemporary country look may feature a brighter color palette with accents of red, black or pure white to set off the design.

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