Tiny Bedroom Decoration

Tiny Bedroom Decoration


The tiny bedroom decorating is a task that we have to think carefully what elements to incorporate.

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, which we must try, above all, is to trick the eye so that it believed to be located in a place of greater dimensions than actually is. So you can do this, I have some tips for you, so keep reading.

Colors to decorate a small bedroom: Light colors or pastel


As you may know, the colors to decorate a room, greatly influence the way in which the eye perceives the size of it, so that when decorating small rooms, it is important to pay attention to this. Choose light colors or you can also choose pastel colors, light colors reflect light, especially those that are made ​​with sky-blue, green, violet and other-(colors that consist of red or yellow tend to absorb light).

Emphasis wall


However, if you want to paint the walls a deeper color, or you want to decorate with patterned paper or some other kind of drawings, you can do the following: choose the smallest wall and use it as accent wall and placed there the intense color you want. This will make this wall look bigger, but if you do it all, have the opposite effect, that is why we only use an accent wall in small bedroom decor.

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Furniture in small rooms: Wall Shelves


A great way to make extra space on a small bedroom is wall hanging shelves . This will achieve more storage space, but it will occupy the place of the other bedroom furniture you need (like the bed, bedside table, etc.).

Decorate with pictures and photos


If you want to decorate tables or posters and photos, or some other embellishment for walls, place them at eye level. In this manner will achieve generate illusion that the eye is lost within images forgetting wall dimensional space in which the individual is physically located.

Location of the furniture


I may not believe this, but the location of furniture in a small bedroom decoration is much less important than everything you just mentioned. The furniture in a small room can be located as choice (provided you have followed the above tips). Personally, I recommend placing the bed on the wall of emphasis, since its decoration generates some acceleration with which it can be more difficult to sleep. Furnished small bedroom is simple: once located the bed, the rest is a breeze!

Follow our tips for decorating small bedrooms and you will achieve a beautiful and very suitable decoration. Then, just continue with the decoration of small bathrooms .

Can you think of other ideas for decorating a bedroom?

Tiny Bedroom Decoration updated: November 23, 2015 by author: Katie Cooper

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