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Studio apartment decorating

They say that you can tell someone’s personality based on their living space. Show someone you bedroom and they will automatically get a read on you as a person. How you fix your bed and your sofa will reflect on your personality. This applies to most people, especially around this time when everyone wants to live in their own now. Everyone wants their own one-bedroom condo by the beach or a studio apartment in the middle of the city. Everyone also wants to do their own studio apartment decorating. But, not everyone can do it. You may want to, but some people just can’t.

Studio apartment decorating

Studio apartment decorating

Decorating your own personal space can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what you want. Do you want to look minimalist? Or do you want that retro vibe? Or maybe you want to have that bohemian feel? But how will you match that floral carpet with all the black and grey furniture you just bought? Should I place a mirror by the door or across the door? Where should I post all my posters of James Dean? Would it look good with the wallpaper I just bought? Decorating is SO MUCH work! It sucks even more when you have to do it all alone.

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If you’re really determined to give your place that personal touch, make sure that you have decided on the look that you want. You don’t have to follow trends. You just have to make sure that your choice describes you perfectly. Are you a laid-back type of girl? Do like to go out on adventures? Do you prefer you bedroom to be bright? Do you actually like the color pink? All of these are essential when you’re doing your studio apartment decorating.

Studio apartment decorating

Studio apartments are probably the most difficult to decorate. For starters, you’ll be decorating a space that combines your living room, bedroom, kitchen and garden into one. That’s tough. You need to make sure all furniture and colors match. You also have to consider the limited space you have. You can’t keep cramming every single piece of furniture you have and expect to have some space left for walking around. Studio apartment decorating needs to be neat, efficient and practical.

Good thing there are magazines and websites available now that helps people with this dilemma. These websites offer solutions to different decorating problems. They also give simple tips on how to make your living space livelier. After all, this your living space we’re talking about and it deserves nothing but the best.

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