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Small Living Room Decoration


Tips for decorating small living rooms

Often small living rooms can make you uncomfortable and capturing a claustrophobic feeling for the little space to move. If so, it is imperative smart storage solutions.

There are various tips to decorate small living rooms and make those small spaces, modern and attractive to allow free movement while achieving a much larger print and / or deep the place.

Colors for living room


The first thing to do is use a color scheme optimal for small spaces. Avoid placing large number of colors on the walls and, on the contrary, use light colors for the walls because it is an excellent option that helps to enhance the natural light in the room. Also, if you add an additional color as a focal point in the interior of the house will achieve that space lighter and wilt observe the opening while it will eliminate overwhelming that generates a small space with dark walls.



Using multifunctional furniture to enable multitasking in small living rooms, the idea is to place pieces that add some extra value as a coffee table, which also decorate the room has room inside for storage of other items. On the other hand, you rationalize the space and decoration appearance. Placing a TV tray and other electronic devices which in turn allows you to save it so that it is visible all the time, helps to detoxify and relieve space.

Accessories to enhance spaces

Mirrors in the decoration


Beside light colored paint on the walls, the use of mirrors in the living room helps to reflect the outside light and creates a sense that projects in a visual illusion that allows the space seem larger and broader than actually is.

Large Items


Challenge small spaces, since one of the tips to decorate small living rooms is NOT always use small parts in small spaces because large furniture (must be selected depending on space and place the minimum) can give you a better feel comfortable while many small items will do otherwise.

Finally, to decorate small living rooms includes natural indoor plants, decorative pillows and follows the same style and pattern to match colors.


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