Sea Air Decor

How to decorate a room with Sea Air Decor

Sea Air Decor

If you are looking for new ideas to renovate the decor of your room, we bring you some tips that you can not ignore: today we will see how to decorate the room with Sea Air Decor. No need to have a beach house to take into account these suggestions and if you want to bring your marine style home and enjoy its serenity, you do not need excuses.

Tips for decorating the room

You can give a touch of freshness and serenity to the room decor using these suggestions of furniture, furnishings and decorations that refer to the sea, with a color palette and design suitable for this purpose.

Lamp by Santa & Cole


This floor lamp with red color screen is a marvel of design, ideal to complement the colors green, blue and white of the other elements chosen for this decoration. You can find it in Horne .

Shay Armchair


Nothing more appropriate to decorate a room with Sea Air Decor, sea breezes that this chair Shay . With upholstered in blue-green (or dark green) and a clean modern lines, find simplicity about it that good does it do this type of decoration, while enjoying the comfort necessary for reading or watching TV.

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Decorative Pillows


This fantastic Sourpuss satin cushion is fantastic for decorating the room with sea breezes. His amazing blue and stamped with the figure of an octopus, edged with black colored pompoms is a safe bet for divertidad and decoration of this space.

Coral Ceramic Vase VIT


The VIT Coral Pod Vase of Kri Kri Studio is one of the most enjoyed selections. It is a beautiful ceramic bowl handmade coral color and details in white that goes along with the sea air of the room decor .

Monterey Sands End Table


This Lexington side table is made ​​of elm wood gray, with polished brass base. It’s a simple show of elegance and simplicity with a clean design, minimalist lines , noted for the richness of their terminations sober that refer to coastal landscapes.

Carnival Sofa Zuo Modern


The center of the decoration of the room is this beautiful synthetic leather sofa in white from Zuo Modern . The curved lines of its design marine figures remind us, the sea and the coast as a whole. It is the perfect sofa decorate a room inspired by the sea .

Dark green glass lanterns


In your living room can not miss these lanterns Jamie Young . Acts of marine green frosted glass, are ideal ornaments to decorate with candles , and placing them on the coffee table or a side table. Color and warmth alike.

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Coffee table


This coffee table available in Metro Retro Furniture is one of our most precious suggestions. The green marble with green and white streaks complements very well with based dark walnut woo.

We hope these suggestions to decorate the living whatever they need to achieve marine decor in your home. What did you think of these ideas?

Sea Air Decor updated: February 24, 2016 by author: Elizabeth Murray

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