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Ideas and Decor for a garden in an attic

       Roof top decor

Success: Style & Garden

  •  Type of garden:  size  -S-penthouses and patios
  • Product contracted:  Proposal-IDEA + Work

Patricia and John have to rent a nice duplex with a large terrace enjoying the beautiful weather as they have occasion, in addition to meetings and meals with family and friends. After several visits to nurseries and shops and buy pots and plants, decided to call because they could not give your terrace a special touch with dreaming, and it was badly installed irrigation and looked much the tubes … well, they had the feeling of having “thrown money”

Roof top decor

… Buy furniture, pots and plants for the deck but could not get a pretty garden … the overall look was not what we wanted ”

Roof top decor

The terrace is large and L-shaped, to hide the tile floor, they did not like, put artificial turf, it was the most comfortable option considering that the floor is for rent. The main area is covered by an awning and is very nice and has a superb south facing.

Roof top decor

What they wanted was a touch of design to achieve a comfortable, beautiful and easy to care for, and with a very tight budget. After all they chose the house in the garden of the terrace and enjoy the outdoors.

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Roof top decor

01 state before the reform

Roof top decor

The proposal defined in the study posed a reorganization tall potted plant (bamboo) to mark a rhythm in the longitudinal part of the deck and placed promptly potted ordering space. The back wall estancial area is covered with vines and in the front you see from inside the house a line of white pots with lavender marking the sofa area.

Install white planters line so that you do not see the risk and both sides of the line of pots placed white pots with a touch of blue to complete the design of great simplicity but manages to create the desired effect … fantastic!

02. state after reform

Roof top decor

Ideas garden design and decoration in a garden in an attic

Definitely time for the work you have to take care of the details and  it is essential to monitor the implementation and pay particular attention to the decor. Get  a touch of decoration and choosing the right plant that garden design in this terrace was a success  was our goal, so they can enjoy and experience the garden.

A preliminary design has ensured that the investment made ​​in  plant pots and organize space garden feel improving and creating an elegant and sober to enjoy the terrace . An optimization space, comfortable and practical, with a maintenance made ​​in The Green Room, ie a couple of setups per year the garden is perfect. Because live rent does not have to mean not having your garden up and enjoy it.

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Details of the pots and planted

Roof top decor

I have some key project:

… Each combined with potted plants chosen and placed at a given position

space is ordered by few elements but well placed within the terrace.

Roof top decor

The drawings that incorporated the Proposal-Idea and the plane we help our customers to see how the garden will test ideas and options allow the end to minimize the budget was decided not to opt for the wooden breastplate and put planters tied the railing.

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