Recycled furniture decor

Recycled furniture decor. Who said that made ​​furniture based on recycling could not be spectacularly beautiful? If anything have instituted this idea in their heads, now HogarTotal we bring you pictures of recycled furniture that leave gaping.

Recycled furniture decor

Recycled furniture decor

Beautiful recycled furniture based on suitcases and stairs

It is created based furniture and old suitcases disused stairs that exposes a lot creativity and good taste when it comes to design.


The concept that transmit the furniture then we bring beyond recycling and also covers the polyfunctionality of materials and the lack of specificity in what refers to any type of object.

Comfortable seating based bags facts


Nice light tables made with suitcases


Ingenious clothes hangers and kitchenware


Stairs converted vintage shelves


After seeing these images we have no doubt that recycling can be equally or even more attractive than what we paid for again. The design of this furniture made ​​based on old, useless objects also introduces an apparent vintage touch to the environment and converts perfectly things we could throw away objects very nice to see and enter the home.



Recycled furniture decor updated: February 24, 2016 by author: Elizabeth Murray
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