Pizza Box Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration with Boxes of Pizza 


For pizza lovers, know that they can make a work of art with leftover boxes. This way you can make an original and beautiful wall decoration with boxes of pizza and a touch of style to your home.



  1. Pizza boxes (small, medium or large, whatever)
  2. Wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric
  3. Glue
  4. Rule
  5. Cutter
  6. Scissors
  7. Tape with adhesive on both sides for wall mounting

Step by step:


  • Cut the paper larger than the pizza box so that it can cover. Put glue on the front of the box and put it on paper, making sure it is centered. With scissors cut from the four corners of the paper diagonally to make tabs.


  • Take two tabs on opposite sides of the box and glue. If too many corners are on the tabs, fold and glue to the sides of the box. Wait for it to dry and do the same with the other two tabs. Wait for 5-10 minutes until the glue dries.
  • Ready! Already have an artwork. Just put the tape on both sides and secure to the wall. If you want you can put several similar designs on a grid.
  • Learn also how to stencil on walls, another nice way of home decor.


I already had this idea in mind, but was going to use polystyrene blocks. But why buy polystyrene when I can recycle pizza boxes and create art for my home and for the kids’ rooms as well.


Use larger pizza boxes to make unique art for a child’s bedroom. These boxes are covered with polka dot wrapping paper that is available in a variety of bold and pastel colors.


It seems that Pizza Box art is now becoming quite popular. Here are some more examples of pizza box art that now see on the Internet. It’s nice to know that others can put a very humble idea to good use!



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Pizza Box Wall Decoration updated: November 23, 2015 by author: Brian Mangrum

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