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Modern Small Garden

Modern small garden ideas for your back yard

Modern Small Garden

Designing small gardens is not easy, might even say it is even more complicated than large gardens, and we need to focus more on the details to get a place to relax at home.

In this new article from Home Total ‘ll show you some pictures of modern small gardens but also will give you some tips to follow if you plan to decorate the garden of your house and get into it a more interesting and inviting.

Modern Small Garden

Tips for designing and decorating small gardens

Modern Small Garden

Determine the function and style

As we have a small garden , the first thing to do is to determine the function that we want. I mean, what you use, it will be to take a moment of relaxation or our place for breakfast or perhaps casual meeting with friends. Having established what their use can choose the style. Thus, for example, will delimit where will the plants and where there will be a space for outdoor furniture .

Modern Small Garden

Do not add too much variety

Modern Small Garden

If you are a plant lover, you can not choose which one you want in your garden, but remember it is a small space so you can not abuse the varieties. We often confuse quantity with the variety, but the latter makes spaces perceived overwhelming. So, opt for the ones you like and have between them combined. Resist the temptation, as I always say, in decorating small areas: less is more.

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Modern Small Garden

Decorating with Plants

To give a sense of depth to small gardens plants can put darker colors in front of finer texture. Remember, you must also place smaller plants in front, and the highest not hide.

Colors to Walls

Try to use light colors on the walls of the garden. If you use the white will give an appearance of spaciousness to the room. On the other hand, the dark color gives the illusion of depth and place your plants in front of that wall will give an air of mystery … you can try to combine the two tricks.

Modern Small Garden


Modern Small Garden

You can add decorative stones and other elements to highlight some groups of plants or special plants. Make sure that the rocks combined with the colorful landscape and remember not to overdo it with these ornaments for gardens , and you could get exactly the opposite of what you want. If you put too many accessories could make it look clutter your small garden.

And now you know to decorate the modern small garden of your home.

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