Making Plastic Bags to Store Things

plastic bags

Making Plastic Bags to Store Things
plastic bags
Planning, how to store things, not infrequently one wonders how neatly store plastic bags, which are always a lot. Discarded packets pity, because they can still be useful, but make sure that they do not take up much space in the house is not always possible. I offer a completely rational decision, wherein the cheapness and the ability to store packages carefully, regardless of their number.
Manufacture storage system for the packages
If you store your bags in one of the drawers of kitchen units, then I suggest making a comfortable cell for the packages. How can they do and what will it take?
What we need:
1. Plastic bottles (1.5 liter or 2)
2. Office stapler (better if the clips are great)
3. Scissors.
By the way, this option how to store things, and in particular the packages – it is also one of the ways that you can make out of plastic bottles for cleaning our planet.
Stage 1: Take the plastic bottle and cut off from it a straight portion, as shown in the photo.
plastic bags plastic bags
Stage 2: Thrashing performs well and fold place.
Stage 3: Fold lines superimposed on each other, and again crush the workpiece. So we get a rectangular cell.
Pic5, pic6
The same is done with other plastic bottles. Better, of course, if you take the same bottle, so the storage system will be more accurate. You can of course are different, as I did.
Stage 4: When rectangular blanks ready, it remains the case for small – concatenate them together using a stapler. Staples in the stapler can spend a lot (like me in particular, because I used a small stapler and staples, respectively, thin – rumpled and badly punctured plastic).
First, the mating workpiece in a row, hooking straps top and bottom pieces, then attach the second row, etc. It turns out that’s an interesting option.
What is surprising, initially packages in the drawer falling out all the time take up much space in the closet and were a mess. Now everything is neat. And depending on the size of a package into a single cell can contain 3-4 or more pieces. Thus, managed to get rid of the mess, and the packages are to get better as well, and to put them.

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Making Plastic Bags to Store Things updated: November 23, 2015 by author: Elizabeth Murray

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