Living Room Decoration Cottage Style

Cottage Style


There are times when we make it look more cute, warm, cheerful and homey to our room and often wonder what style we have to use to accomplish this? Today, I present some tips in response to how to decorate cottage style room.

Although the style cottage has many similarities to the English style decor in essence are very different, since the latter relies more on finesse and elegance of the past. For its part, the cottage decor focuses more on how warm and homey you can get to have a cabin.

This does not mean that we have to move to a cottage in England or Canada for a Cottage style room. Consider the following tips to apply them in our home.

Cottage style room


The furniture and the colors you choose to decorate are critical to shaping this style of decoration. It is preferable to choose chairs with small pillows padded light colored pastel and cream. Whether or not our chairs prints, but if we want to use prints is preferable to be in light colors and warm drawings.

To decorate the walls light colors we use tones or homey and cheerful patterns, if the pattern of the wallpaper is the same or similar to the shades you use, the room will look much homier.

At the time of choosing curtains for the room we can use light colored fabrics, preferably cotton or linen fabrics. Patterned curtains can be warm or you can use a double curtain fabric, whose right is of a different and contrasting tone to the back.

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They can be as long as we want, but usually medium sized used. We may also use short and long curtains, this will depend on what kind of shades we like to use. It is always recommended that the curtains are of a similar tone to the walls or chairs.

Ornaments to decorate the room


We use folders woven to adorn the back of the chairs and coffee table. At the center of the table will get a folder assistant woven of a slightly smaller diameter and in the middle of the table a vase floral designs and gold edge.

We can also decorate the corners with plants. To decorate the wall we can use pictures of flowers and landscapes adorned with porcelain but always better. A porcelain plate decorated with beautiful and elegant motifs gives the cottage style room a perfect touch.


Do not worry when it comes to decorate your room; just follow the paths that trace your imagination.

Tell us how you stay the cottage style room and you like the idea. Oh, and do not forget you can decorate cottage style kitchen or use some ideas to decorate your room cottage style.



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