Indian Style Home Decor

Indian Style Home Decor

Room Decoration Indian Style

The decorating ideas, as in the fashion trends are always inspired by themes that have to do with culture, religion or interests. Merge the interests that have to do with technology and modernity with ethnic spaces.

In this new article, I intend to see the room Indian Style Home Decor, a design is strongly rooted in the culture and history of India with exotic textiles, furniture and decorative pillows with fabrics that have often been made ​​by hand.

Indian Style Home Decor – Colors for painting walls

Indian Style Home Decor
Indian Style Home Decor

To decorate any room you need to choose either the color of the walls , especially when we have decided on. Indian design features gives you the ability to choose muted colors in ruby, emerald, dark blue, purple or violet, gold and orange.

To add a subtle and more sober tone, then combine it with colors such as cream, beige or sand. These will give an accent of light to the interior.

Indian Style Home Decor – Textiles

Indian Style Home Decor

The idea is to use or incorporate into the decor patterns that have been inspired by India, for example, curtains, pillows or decorative pillows. Textiles and paisley motifs, floral, geometric or swirl ways.

These accessories may also contain sequins or designs to be embroidered with bright colors like gold. The Indian style decorative pillows are essential.

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Indian Style Home Decor – Hardwood Floors

Indian Style Home Decor

It is preferable that the floor in the Hindu style room decor is dark wood, as these are the color patterns that characterize this type of interior decoration, although, you also have to put carpets in space by yourself. The floor should be covered with rugs that are inspired by Indian styles ie that have a combination of bright and dark colors.

Indian Style Home Decor – Furniture and Accessories

Indian Style Home Decor

Choose the furniture is pretty easy, as they have to match the rest of the decor but mostly used carved wood. It is also important to be in tune with the Hindu style, you incorporate wooden accessories and decorations for the rooms inspired by the culture of India.

In addition, chandeliers decorate finished silver, carved wooden elephants (they are a positive symbol in Indian culture), religious relics or other accessories that supplementing provisions color space.

India is a country with a decor that is abundant in textiles, wooden furniture and accessories by hand carved. It is ideal for interior decoration for your home warm.

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