How to update your home – 10 steps

Reset your old wood floors

For some shopping is the most easy and pleasant, either for bringing a new object of decoration to the house, choose the color of paint or materials for a remodel. But what about all that months or years later?

Before you buy new things for your home, consider giving maintenance to what you have to update your home. You will find that after giving care and love to do what poses that look great and forget the urgent need to buy.

How to update your home

Here we show you 10 ways to keep your home looking like new!

How to update your home

# 1 How to update your home. Maintain the upholstery

Regular maintenance will make the upholstery look like new for as long as possible. Aspire switches sides fabric and cushions every time you clean the living room. Do not forget to clean up spills and small tears repaired immediately.

If a stain remains long treat it repeatedly with stain remover or hydrogen peroxide until it does. Be sure to test your cleaning products in an area less visible fabric first.


# 2 Remove the drag marks and touch up paint

Little things like drag marks of shoes and handbags, small dents, and chipped corners, can make the space look worn.

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Take a day to scrub, fix and touch up the paint and instantly notice the change!


# 3 Making the furniture blink


If you can not remember the last time puliste your wooden furniture by doing so you are probably wondering why you did before, the difference is wonderful.

The type of termination of your furniture will determine what you use to polish it. The pieces of mid-century teak are usually finished with oil, so you just need to rub a little more that oil. Finished parts respond well to wood pulp or furniture polish.

Try to carefully read the instructions before trying products.

# 4 Remove stains from marble


This type tends to stain porous surface, so it is important to clean up any spills immediately. You can check for methods to remove all kinds of stains in the Marble Institute of America . Also our tips to clean a marble floor .

If you still can not remove it, call a professional, remember that improving counter that you have always cheaper than buying a new one.

# 5 Reset your old wood floors

Reset your old wood floors

Even if you have your varnished wood floors , there are ways to make them look their best. What you use to restore your floors will depend on the type of wood you have your floors finished. The floors with a natural oil finish can be polished with wood oil. The really old and worn floors is best cleaned with wax. While those finished with polyurethane can be cleaned with a solution of water and white vinegar.

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Prevents stay really wet floors, since excess water in any type of wood will cause even more damage.

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