How To Decorate A Rustic Kitchen

How To Decorate A Rustic Kitchen

How To Decorate A Rustic Kitchen
How To Decorate A Rustic Kitchen


Changing styles is one of the concerns that most affect us. Sometimes we change our mind with the style of our spaces and we have the tools to do it with limited resources. So today I want to tell what you can place in your kitchen to make it look of rustic style based on all those things that do not involve major works to reform the kitchen , but rather to incorporate new elements. A rustic kitchen is beautiful and charming and invites us to do everything. If you like rustic decor , here have some tips for decorating a rustic style kitchen and leave it full of charm. Rustic kitchens decoration


How To Decorate A Rustic Kitchen. To decorate a rustic kitchen, the basic colors are green, beige and all materials in their natural condition . If you have any of these colors including ceiling and walls and slabs, as escógelos for furniture that you will always have to complement the effect. You can change the kitchen furniture by rustic furniture , masonry and natural finish. If you want to stick with those who have, as aplícale etching techniques that will serve to give it an aged appearance .

Put them on a carpet preferably natural fibers. In addition to decorating the kitchen that can be used pots made of ceramic and can wrap in other volumes of stone or wood to hide this aspect if you want to renew an existing one. Curtains for rustic kitchens Another element that must integrate are the curtains to decorate , preferably translucent materials. Place them on both doors and windows in all the areas where light enter. If these are folding I recommend putting them in the same framework the collection side wall or vertically to the collection. Lighting rustic kitchens

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As for lamps, place them just above the dining table, the rustic style is that, for details. I recommend the metal, sometimes aged, with this effect large pickling and if you locate just one. You can put it from the ceiling or from a lateral fall on the table. If you have a bar in the kitchen , put several lights hanging over this at a distance that does not hinder those who use it, but choose those designs that are basic hanging in rustic style . Accessories to set the table


Equip the table with tablecloths, table runners, flowers and everything Remember a rural and natural environment . Have it always this way because evidenced much more the style you’ve chosen to decorate your kitchen. pic 5 Having a rustic kitchen is not chaos, change of style is not. The essential thing is to be able to do more integrated or changing items you have without having to apply great expense. pic 6 Like the idea How To Decorate A Rustic Kitchen? Achieve the style you want forever this way if you’re the most change their minds.




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