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If you have a garden at home most likely be filled with your favorite flowers and plants, but a garden goes far beyond being a place to just have plants, because with just a few changes can give this space an original style and warm. Follow these tips on landscaping and completely changes how you see this place in your home.

Ideally you have in mind the garden as a place for rest and recreation of the family, thus I encourage you to enjoy it more often. You can decorate your garden following the same style you have on the inside of the house, with a new style (vintage, retro, etc…) or simply opting for a rustic, which is what is seen in most gardens.

Ideas to decorate the home garden

Decorating a garden is much easier than you think; you just have to place certain details that give a personal touch. Can guide you with any of the following ideas?

  • Reorder plants

Perhaps you have not noticed, but it’s likely that many of the plants and flowers you have in your yard are randomly arranged. A good way to give a different look is by changing the position of some of the plants (if they are easy to move)

You can put some in pots and place them according to their species. If there is any space in your garden that allows it, use pendants to wear some of the plants. If you have a table in your garden, feel is utilizing your own plants for centerpieces, the advantage is that you can change whenever you want and create various kinds of ornaments. Another way to improve your garden is achieved by pruning the trees,and small shrubs you may have, in the case of trees is necessary to prevent very long branches can cause damage around, and in the case of small shrubs can choose to prune in different ways, according to your tastes.


  • Furniture

Opt for furniture that is resistant to water and sun, with a few seats and a table, for example, can achieve a cozy atmosphere. Try to have some decorative pillows and leave some simple table decorations like candles or centerpieces.


  • Walls

Adorn the walls of your backyard using simple tables or lamps. An original painting on the wall is the image of your choice.


  • Sources

A fountain in the garden will give an interesting touch and relaxing at the same time. Opt for those with a sculpture or figure to increase visual interest.


Do you have other ideas for decorating a garden?


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