Decorating ideas for small courtyards

small courtyards

Many of us have run into small courtyards in the homes of our friends or family. Many times, we note that its design is especially dull and cool, just the opposite of what we seek in the design of small courtyards.

small courtyards

Since the limited space is no excuse to decorate with taste, today we look at some ideas for decorating small yards , so this looks just lovely outdoor space and feel larger than it is.

Plants to decorate small courtyards

As we know, the small yards can be oppressive spaces if they are not decorated well, since these courts usually characteristic of large cities are often surrounded by high walls gray walls. Thus, usually small yards decoration in these cases pass through a pair of potted plants and some laid without sense.


To change this, we must choose the right plants. And for starters, let’s say that the idea that many have to use many types of outdoor plants is not the best solution for decorating small yards . Nor is the solution to use multiple small plants to fill each gap.

On the contrary, the ideal for small courtyards decoration is to bet on a few varieties of plants (three is ideal), with no more than two or three different colors of foliage. Choose a few outdoor plants and repeat without being excessive may then be a good choice.

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Also, you can combine these types of foliage so plants stay in front darker and larger plants and foliage clearer remain in the background. It is a trick to make the yard look bigger based on how we see the landscape open: if you stop in a meadow or plain, you will see that the more distant the vegetation, the colors are more diffuse and unclear.

Design small yards


Other ways to make small yards appear larger is to add some spatial dynamics to increase the feeling of movement. To do this, you should create a small path or bed of curved lines where you can plant flowers and plants to finish defining low organic lines of the design.


Create areas in the yard can be another effective way to achieve a greater sense space. You can design a small terrace or deck wood , on a different level to the rest of the yard, and place a small table and chairs set to take some refreshment. Or you can place a bench or set of chairs to enjoy outdoor gatherings, meetings or dinners outdoors.

landscaping ideas for small yard, small yard
As in interior decoration, painting the exterior walls in white or light colors is a good way to make your yard look larger.

We’ve given you just a few ideas small yards decoration that can be very useful. Having limited space is not an excuse to enjoy this outdoor space, just improve it with some tricks for small gardens and making the most profit.

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