Children’s Playroom Decoration

Ideas to decorate a children’s playroom


What would you like for decorating a playroom for children? We all wish we had small magic quarter filled with various colors and toys with which they can play with. And now that we’re old we’d give that joy to children.

A game room is a fun and magical space for a child, a place to hang out and encourage their imagination. For that reason, today I will give you some ideas to decorate the playroom.

Colorful Playroom


To decorate the playroom should pick a  color palette and paint the room preferably several pastel shades or very light. If we want to decorate the walls, we can do it with decals of their favorite cartoon characters and flowers, landscapes, the alphabet and numbers.

We use bean bag chairs that have prints of cartoons, also carpets of various colors of preference are cushioned and light colored curtains, this is to make it more bright, reminds you to let in lots of light in the room , we can put several pillows and cushions .



Something that should be present in the game room is a table and chairs for kids , with fun colors and original designs. There is even furniture that have pictures of their favorite characters.

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Also, you should think of furniture to store the toys of children. Shelves are indexed original bright colors. Remember that there are three things you should not miss in a game room for children: storybooks, non-toxic crayons and play dough. You must carefully assess what type of furniture is best for the safety of children.

Ah! And not a bad idea to include a blackboard for children to draw and have fun, and learn, if you decide to teach yourself. It is fun, no doubt.


Decorating with toys

There are plenty of suggestions for decorating with toys, as many as there are toys. For example, we put several cloth dolls or teddy bears to decorate a playroom. The doll houses can also have their place in these spaces. We may also use large colorful cubes with letters and numbers and a rocking horse and cowboy hats for them to play, as long as it is not dangerous.


I hope these ideas for decorating rooms for children have been to your liking and you have served. Remember that depends on the child’s age which will be the toys we use, we have to put things that can choke a small child in the room.

Children’s Playroom Decoration updated: November 23, 2015 by author: Joann Reyes

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