Budget Bachelor Home Decoration

Budget Bachelor Home Decoration

Budget Bachelor Home Decoration
Budget Bachelor Home Decoration

Bachelors face distinctive decorating challenges. Many single men require extra storage space to house sporting equipment, entertainment goods, gadgets and other boy toys. Unmarried men may have a smaller designing budget than their married counterparts as well. Men can create a living space that is not only attractive, but provides adequate storage and is easy to maintain if they plan carefully. Budget Bachelor Home Decoration. Other People Are Reading



Latex paint is inexpensive, but a new colour or texture can reinvent any room. Remember that darker hues tend to make rooms seem smaller and more intimate. Neutrals, pastels and lighter colours create a more airy, spacious feel. To save time and money, recruit your friends, have some food delivered, put your MP3 player on shuffle and make a night of it. Whatever you spend on pizza and beer to keep the troops entertained is sure to be less than what you’d spend on a professional painting crew.


Wall Decor

Put your obsessions on display rather than trying to hide them. Whether you collect beer steins, action figures or snowboards, buy inexpensive brackets to display them on the walls. Once mounted, these items create Budget Bachelor Home Decoration focal points rather than clutter. And instead of buying prints and paintings don’t be afraid to create your own artwork. Grab your digital camera and take pictures of things, people and places you love. Your local photo developer can provided you with poster-sized prints of your favourite shots for a small fee.

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Bachelors can create the appearance of an organised and fashionable bedroom without spending a lot of cash if they use the right tricks. One technique is to purchase an oversized plush comforter for the bed. They come in a variety of colours and styles, but more importantly they can be used to hide ruffled sheets and unorganised blankets in a hurry. Bed lifts are another inexpensive interior design tool. They add approximately 6 inches to bed’s height. The added space can be used to store large or awkward items.

Living Room


Ornamental storage boxes are great for keeping movies or video games and to cut costs you can build your own. Craft stores sell wooden crates you can stain or paint yourself. Use anchors to screw them directly into the wall’s studs. Alternatively you can place books, DVDs and old CDs in organised vertical stacks. Just by collecting the items and displaying them in a purposeful way, you transform the casual clutter into a design feature. Place a decorative ashtray on top to catch loose change and keys to finish the look.



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